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Consulting Services With Lasting Impact

Align your growth strategy with agile, future-focused processes and technology. Sometimes your company needs to outsource its IT service network for some good reasons. Whether it’s an upcoming event or growth it does not only make a business competitive and up to date , it could as add time-saving and cost-efficiency to your business . With MKS support service, a business would be more enhanced and its productivity would be increased. More than that, IT support services give business owners more time to focus on the core tasks of their business since there is no more need for them to exert more efforts in IT management and maintenance. Create a fully functional computer network with IT infrastructure management and business software solutions from our company. MKS is the ideal choice to handle your computer needs when you cannot afford an IT department.

We provide solutions based on your business' needs. Server design and application along with help desk support expands your interoffice and external computing capabilities. Our expertise

• Network Engineering • Network Maintenance & Monitoring • Email & Electronic Communications
• Access Solutions—Local & Remote • Disaster Recovery—Includes Backup Technology Design & Implementation
• Security & Firewall Services • Wireless Technology

Startup Development Team
Network Hub and Cable
People Working in Open Office


Have you ever been forced into making a decision even though you didn’t have enough information about the situation? At MKS our goal is to help you reach your desired outcome by analyzing the scenario from various angles and perspectives. My Massive Expansion project is a great example of how I keep my clients’ best interests in mind.


In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. At MKS, we work hard to make sure our clients reach their goals by providing them with the guidance and tools to make strategic plans for the future. For this Pre-Partnership project, I helped my client define the ideal outcome for the situation, and through strategic planning we were able to achieve this goal.


Sometimes, all it takes is a little help from a professional Information Technology Consultant to get back on track. We have helped clients identify their mission and goals, and then provided expert advice and strategic planning to help them succeed. At MKS we know what exceptional service means, and we go the extra mile to make sure my customers are happy with my work.

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