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Automated programming solutions for assembly/production line/mass production to grow capacity. 

Outsource your automation ideas and programming tasks to achieve greater speed and handle upcoming growth or increase manufacturing capacity. We bring your business up to date, and keep it ahead of the competition by saving time, and adding cost-efficiency to your business. MKS frees business owners to focus on the core tasks of their business.
Fully functional solutions from MKS remove complexity where not needed. Enhance your business productivity and leave the worrying to MKS.
MKS is the ideal choice to handle your automation needs when you cannot afford expensive automation companies.

MKS provides ready to use multi channel programming solutions for all I2C EEPROM and programmers for a wide variety of flash products. Programmers are optimized to provide maximum throughput in small form factor.

Reduce your development and manufacturing time by using the MKS USB adapter for I2C, SMB(System management bus) , HDQ and DQ communication. 
Some popular products that are programmed using our ready to use solutions are 24LC256, 24C04, bq20z45, bq20z95, bq27541, bq27546, bq27z561, bq40z50, bq78350, BR24A02FVM, BR24A32F, DS4412

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