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USB to I2C, SMBus, HDQ, GPIO Transceiver - Gen1

MKS-SAI-001 is a general purpose transceiver for I2C, SMBus, HDQ and GPIO communication. MKS-SAI-001 is controlled by PC software that uses the USB port to transfer data. MKS-SAI-001 can be used in multi-channel applications to parallelize programming and increase throughput. Numerous software applications are available to perform a variety of tasks like programming, calibration, monitoring and equipment control.

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Documentation for use case with BQMTESTER and ADVANCED-BQMTESTER

Zip file contains the guide and software installer executable

Zip file MD5 checksum --  aa 9d ef 1f e2 bb 93 5b e7 a8 e8 d5 b0 84 b8 b5

Executable file MD5 checksum  --  ef fe ac da 97 d0 f1 48 96 28 7c 8b 37 16 9a d4

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